Global Partners

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offers a comprehensive range of nickel alloys, titanium and zirconium alloys and worldwide service to meet your challenges. Our portfolio of high-performance materials include: Nickel alloys; Titanium and titanium alloys; Special stainless steels; Zirconium; Cobalt-based alloys.

VDM materials are used in highly corrosive environments such as Fertilizer, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries. Some of their widely used alloys in Jordan include Nicorros® (Alloy 400), Nicrofer® 6020 hMo (Alloy 625), Nicrofer® 3620 Nb (Alloy 20) and Nicrofer® 5716 hMoW (Alloy C276), and Alloy 28.

is a worldwide organization active in the field of process engineering. it sets standards in the field of mass transfer and static mixing with its advanced and economical solutions.

The activity program includes: trays, structured and random packings, internals for separation columns; Engineering services for separation and reaction technology such as optimizing energy consumption, plant optimization studies, pre-engineering for governmental approval; Separation and purification of organic chemicals by means of crystallization and membranes; Static mixers; Mixing and Cartridges Technology; Tower field services.

Cameron’s Process and Compression Systems Group is a leading provider of compression equipment and aftermarket parts and services for oil and gas production, gas transmission, gas processing and independent power industries.

With over 175 years of experience, their legendary brands, synonymous with quality and reliability, include AJAX® integral engine-compressors, SUPERIOR® separable reciprocating compressors, Cooper-Bessemer®, Enterprise®, Cooper Turbocompressor®, Joy®, Turbo-Air®, MSG®, TSI®, CSI®, and Texcentric®.

offers both squirrel cage and wound rotor induction motors up to 8000HP, all speeds up to 3600 RPM and voltage ratings up to 13,800 volts. The motors can be designed to NEMA design A, B, C or D with a Class "F" insulation or Class "H" insulation as an option.

Their strengths includes: high quality motors; short delivery times; specialized expertise in motor design and engineering and ability to replicate all Westinghouse built motors

Specializes in the production of seamless steel pipes. It has a capacity to produce 3,500,000 tons of quality seamless pipes per year, including casing, tubing, line pipe and other tubular products, such as high, medium and low-pressure boiler tubes, high-pressure cylinder tube, hydraulic support tube, structural pipe and pipes for various fluid transmission applications.

TPCO has exported its seamless steel pipes to over 90 countries and regions of the world covering Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania, and has also passed various mill qualifications from main international oil companies such as Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ARAMCO, Total, BP, and ENI etc.

allow pipes to be joined without the need for flanging, grooving, threading or welding. By simply butting two pipes together and connecting with a Teekay Pipe Coupling, space, weight, time and cost savings are achieved with every installation.

Teekay Couplings have been sold for over three decades to more than 85 countries worldwide for civil, water, oil & gas, marine, building service, process, automotive and countless other industrial projects for pipes between 21mm and 4200mm in diameter.

is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company into Business operating since 1975, and exports to more than 25 countries worldwide.

Anupam can supply Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel / Alloy Steel/ Duplex/ Copper/ Bronze in various material grades and product forms including - Sheets, Plates, Coils Strips, Flats, Seamless & Welded Pipes, Tubes, Hollow Bars, Rings, Pipe Fittings, Elbows, Tee, Reducer, Flanges, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Round Bars, Square Bars, Hexagonal Bars & Wires

Anupam’s specialty is large diameter stainless steel welded & seamless pipes in any grade and carbon steel and alloy steel plates & rods and tailor made shapes and sizes.

is part of the Lone Star PRD Group of Companies and was formed to act as its manufacturing, stockholding and sales centre in the Middle East for the Group’s extensive range of bolting, fasteners, gaskets and associated products.

Based in the Oilfield Supply Centre in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, the Company acts as a supply hub offering a unique service of specialist manufacturing and Group stock inventory of over $10 million of petrochemical, power generation bolting and construction hardware.

offers a wide range of standard Cranes and Hoists for every
industrial application, in addition to custom designed and manufactured cranes to suit non-standard customer requirements.

Products are available in single and double girder configurations, Jib Cranes, Light Crane Systems, Hand Cranes, Kits, and Explosion Proof cranes.

designs and manufactures Power Generators from 1 Kva upto 2200 Kva power with various features customized to customer demands. The Generators are assembled with the best engines, alternators and electronic control unit on the market.

Engines: Cummins, Perkins, Volvo, Iveco, John Deere, Deutz, Mtu, Yanmar, Kohler, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Lombardini.
Alternators: Mecc Alte, Marelli, Stamford, Leroy Somer.
Control Unit: Comap and Bernini

Other products offered by Green Power Include:
- Lighting towers
- Welding machines
- Irrigation systems

is one of the leading players in the wires and cables industry. KEI is known for its unique product range pan India and also across the globe. It offers manufactures high and low tension cables (EHV, HV & LV) Power Cables, Copper/ Aluminum Power Cables, PVC and XLPE Cables, Copper Control Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Screened Cables, and much more….

Since KEI’s recent collaboration with BRUGG cables, an over a century old Swiss company, KEI has set foot into manufacturing EHV cables upto 220kV which is the present demand of the market.

is a leading global provider of transmission solutions for the power and telecom industries. Equipped with a product portfolio that includes power conductors and cables, optical fibres, Telecom and fibre optic cables, OPGW cables, and Telecom systems/solutions Sterlite's vision is to 'Connect every home on the planet'.

produces power transformers in accordance with the TS 267 and the IEC 76 standards with a power capacity of 4 MVA-50 MVA in voltages from 3,3 kV to 36 kV on both sides, which can be custom designed according to the project at hand as on-load tap changers or off-circuit tap changers with (ONAN) or forced (ONANONAF) cooling systems.

is a leading German systems integrator specializing in off-grid power solutions for the Telecom market including: Hybrid power solutions with renewable energy sources and back up generator systems; BTS Telecom power solutions with solar and/or generator; Advanced centralized remote site monitoring;

PQS Electrolink (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a fast growing professionally managed company engaged in manufacturing Power Quality Panels and Systems as well as Transformers.

Power Quality Division

Automatic Power Factor Correction panels, Thyristor switch real time APFC systems, Harmonic filter systems rating upto 2400 KVAR and 850 Vac and HT APFC panels, and PCC / MCC / PDB panels.

Transformers Division

Power & Distribution Transformers upto 10000 KVA, 66 KV class. Furnace & earthing transformers