Electrical Infrastructure Products and Services

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ITCC is capable of supplying different types of products and services for Electrical Infrastructure projects such as Power plants, Substations, Transmission lines, and City network distribution.

Cables & Conductors:
HV, MV and LV Cables / Control & Instrumentation Cables / Rubber Cables / Fiber Optic Cables/  Twisted Cables / Fire Resistant Cables/ Mining Cables/ Structured Cabling/ Power Transmission Conductors/  Thermocouple Extension/Compensating / House Wires/ Single & Multi core Flexible Wires / Winding Wires/ Stainless Steel Wires/ Optical Fiber/ Copper Telecom/ CPE , MPLS/ Optical Ground Wire OPGW

Cable Accessories
Cables Gland Kits/ Heat Shrink Tubing & Moulded Parts/Heat Shrinkable & Fiber Optic Closures/ Terminations & Joints/ Support Systems & Fixings/ Suspension & Tension Strings/ Insulators/ Cable Lugs/ Cable Trays and Management Systems

Power Transmission and Distribution Components
Circuit Breakers/ Current Transformers/ Voltage transformers/ Fuses/ Disconnector switches/ Surge Arresters/ Automatic Circuit Sectionalizer & Recloser

LV Equipment (Distribution Components)
MCB/ MCCB/ ACB/ Contactors/Starters/ Relays / Fuses/ Load break switches/ Limit Switches/ Panel Meters/ Electrical Accessories

H.V. & M.V. Switchgears & substations
GIS Switchgears/ AIS Switchgears/ Metal Clad Type Switchgears/ Metal Enclosed Type Switchgears/ SF6 insulated RMU/ Kiosk Type Substations/ Pole Mounted Metering Kiosks/ Skid and Pad Mounted Substations/  Mobile Substations/ Capacitor Banks

Distribution  Transformers / Power Transformers for Indoor/Outdoor Applications up to 400 MVA

Capacitors and Capacitor Banks
HV Power Capacitor Units/ Pole Mounted Capacitor Banks / MV (Pad Mounted) Capacitor Banks/ LV Auto Switched Power Factor Correction System/ Dynamic Power Factor Correction Systems.