Power and Telecom Products and Services

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Steel Structures
ITCC provides engineering, manufacturing & installation services of Galvanized Steel Towers and Poles for Outdoor Lighting, Transmission and Distribution, and Telecom Towers.
Lighting Poles & Luminaires/ Solar Street Lighting Poles/ Transmission Towers/ Transmission Monopoles/ Distribution Poles/ Telecom Towers (Lattice Type)/ Telecom Monopoles/ Emergency Restoration Towers.

Power  Solutions
ITCC has alliances with various manufacturers that offer total power solutions for Industrial sites, Telecom applications, and Utilities including: -
Diesel Engine Drive Generators.
Battery systems/ chargers/ rectifiers/ uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Power Line Communication Equipments for the Power utility segment.
Power line carrier communication system/ Line traps/ Coupling devices/ Digital protection signaling  equipment.